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canting strips

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Hi ,

When I stand on my skis in a good stance  on a flat surface the outside edges of both skis are lifted up a few deg. I put thin shims under the bindings the length of the binding to get them back on the flat. My boots have no canting adj .The shims are 4 mm plastic. 

The binding screws seem to be tight. My question is , Is this a normal procedure or am i way off base here. There are no oot fitters or decent ski shops in the area so it's kinda DIY.

Any comments would be appreciated







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4mm is a lot.    How much thread did the screws show past the shim?  The shim itself - that's like 3* outside shim?


No boot cuff adjustment whatsoever?  really?  or is it already maxed out?



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I put calipers on it and it is only  2.5 mm . It is actually a strip off an old crazy carpet.  I haven't tried them out yet cause it rained all day yesterday and it is still raining.

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A thread that wanted to be in the bootfitting area I guess. 


Ducktape strips on the bottom of one side of the boots can help you figure out where you are and where you should be but honestly if you are having canting issues get to a boot doctor. So much easier then canting every pair of skis you may ski on till you die. 

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You are on the correct track and testing by yourself is as easy as making the changes and skiing.  However, 2.5mm shim still leaves you without much screw penetration so be careful.


Many boots don't have cuff alignment (not the same as underboot canting) so not a concern but it does take one possibly helpful adjustment out of the equation. 


Did the shims you installed help you ski better?  In the end that is the final test.  If they worked then go for it.  Either have the boots planed or canting wedges installed on the boots or have your skis canted.


It is also possible to get cuff adjustment screws installed on many non-adjustable boots and dial in cuff alignment as well.



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Hi Ya'all!


Came late to this discussion. I think we may have missed the obvious.When we attempt to balance a stance for skiing there are golden rules to aide we go...


1) Work from the foot out, meaning address the foot platform via custom or supportive off the shelf Orthotics.


2) Boot upper cuff alignment, in this case, none available.


3) External canting


Lets ask the basic question, Imo506, do u have (See #1).

If no all else is mute. If yes, enlighten us...


2.5mm is slight amount...VARUS WEDGE...In the imortal words of Charley Sheen...WINNING!!

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Lou and Johnnyatomic,

The strips did help. However when got on the snow and actually moving it just feels like i need more canting. Our season is probably pretty much over here in New Brunswick with all the rain so i won't be tweaking anymore for a while. I do not have custom footbeds or off the shelf. I know..... i gotta get them. But when i stand in my boot with out the liner my legs seem to be centered in the shell. i'm leaning towards havingski boot   cants put under the toe and heel blocks . 

Damn this east coast weather


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