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Winter Driving

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Winter driving is so much fun, especially w/o 4wd:









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Looks like you had a dusting.


I've been driving in the mountains in 2WD vehicles for 41 years and only got stuck once. That was when I got high centered and no amount of 4WD or AWD would have done anything to help.  Never had an accident either (knock on every piece of wood available).

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I drive my 4WD in 2WD whenever possible, even on icy roads. I like to have a feel for the road conditions and awareness of the traction available that 4WD masks.


It really comes down to the quality of the tires and the driver. I run unstudded Nokian Hakkepellitas. I noticed today that my neighbor has an Outback with useless, worn no season tires. I'll make sure to give him a clear birth on the road. AWD or no, bad tires make for bad traction.

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