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Uncle Louie, your anger bewilders me. 


I'm suspecting you haven't been on this site long enough to have witnessed the wars between two opposing camps several years ago. It's not you and your position I find frustrating, it's the typical response/attack from the another group and the overall jump to conclusions. (got pretty quiet after I posted didn't it?)   I'll shoot you a PM with more on this as would only fuel the fire here.


Now I suspect the Instructor worked on all sorts of things in 2 days worth of lessons and his overall impression was that your daughter was over edging for the situations she was in.  Skidude and I both touch on possibilities in posts 43 and 56.  Keep something in mind here too,  the balance point of a child your age is generally well back of what we as adults consider center.  A heavily edged ski with pressure on the tails in the type of snow in the west for a child can be enough to almost completely halt any progress. Could be without getting her off her edges nothing could happen.


What we haven't heard yet from you is the results of the lesson.  Is she skiing differently ?


I'm glad to hear you and the family are dedicated to learning (or staying with) all types of skiing. 


Want help ? 


OK........here's what I'll do. You send me the info on your daughters check out sheet (or better yet a copy) and I'll talk with that instructor myself when I get to Breckenridge in two weeks or so.  It won't be too hard to do as the director of the Children's School there and I worked together (with Bob Barnes btw) several years ago.  I will have no problem getting an audience with this guy and maybe he will remember your daughter and I can get some more insight as to what he saw and where he was coming from. If I'm lucky maybe I can even get a run in with him. I'd be more than happy to send you whatever results I come up with (assuming of course that instructor is still working......it gets pretty slow there in April)


Let me know.

(and btw......you'll know it when I get mad on here !) ( and this wasn't it)

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Thanks for the response.  See my PM. No need to talk to the guy, I've learned what I need to from this thread. 


I started this thing.  Can I end it?


I'm certainly done.

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Holy cow!  Would you people lighten up and post about something besides each other and he said, she said?  th_dunno-1[1].gif


You all have history with each other here and its really not necessary to bring it all up in a thread with a very simple and sincere question. 


Peter, there was a lot of good things in this thread before the finger-pointing began, that had nothing to do with you or your question.  I hope you will challenge these guys with some more good questions and issues, but since this thread has been turned into a dog pile, I'm going to lock it, and hope we can move on.

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