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This is my first post and I am looking for budget ski packs. I am looking for something that can also be used for a bit of backpacking too. I will likely be taking a trip to Tuckerman's this year for my first time and will need the pack for hicking in. some things are that I need something comftorable to wear while skiing, and won't push me off the seat of chairlifts( btw,got stuck on one while wearing a backpack and trying to get off, we still don't know what clipped to the chair) It would be nice if it had removable waist straps too. Lastly I want something that is not to big because I am 13(will get this pack for my 14th birthday in april) I want to have the best I can get for sub 125.


P.S. How can I convice my dad (who skis on 20 yr. old straight skis) that my skis need to be tuned. The edges need work (as the skis are hooking) and my bindings are set too far back because We didn't have time to get the front binding remonted before an unexpected ski trip with to my friends house in vermont in December.