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So I demoed the K2 Aftershock and liked them so much I kept them for four days. After a day at the Canyons I took them to Alta and they allowed me to timidly engage in a little bit of tree skiing and yes I finally got the whole powder thing.

On hard pack they were really good as well, a little chatter at speed but if I tilted them a bit they got quiet. At my skill level I found no faults at all. I planned on buying a pair and bring them then home.

Two days later at the Canyons however I had a let down. Late afternoon skiing on a slope ( Sidewinder) that everyone seemed to have taken to get to the gondola and get home, the skis appeared to "wash out" I hesitate to call the slope icy, though it may have been in spots, but more like very hard pack snow the kind that results from allowing snow borders to ride slopes sideways and f--k it all up. Anyway after a couple of surprises I started to concentrate and the skis responded but not very well and  I was scraving a lot more than carving.

When I go to the room I checked and noticed that I had spoons with sharper edges.

So that's my question, do these skis with proper tune ski decent on eastern ice? I would mostly use them for spring work to ride above the slushy crap but I would like to use them at other times as well.

I know they aren't race room  GS12 but will they carve in the harder stuff?



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