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Mods - feel free to move to the XC/BC forum if you must - doesn't seem like that gets a lot of interest so I thought I'd post here.


I've been x-c skiing on the same pair of x-c skis for the past 15+ years. The boots were just as old, and the toe broke off (three pin) while I was out the other night - of course as far away from the car as possible, in the woods, in the dark! Rather than search for new 3 pin boots, I've decided to upgrade. The whole set was passed on from my brother (was headed for the trash,I rescued them), and I've repaired them more than once when the bindings pulled out of the mounting holes. They are the basic recreational ski from 20 years ago - waxless, skinny, pointed tips.


I'd like to get something that has a bit more capability for breaking trail in fresh snow, but can still move along with some speed in tracks that have already been set (parallel tracks). Most of my skiing is on the same trails that I MTB in the summers -- so in the woods, sometimes narrow, some climbs and descents of a moderate nature, so I'm thinking something with metal edges might be nice since control on the narrow descents has always been a sketchy part of x-c skiing on those skinny skinny boards. My local shops do'nt carry much at all in the way of x-c skis.


Any advice regarding how to get a quick education on what's out there would be helpful -- and specific ski recommendations are welcome too. I have no idea how wide I can go without sacrificing the ability to move quickly on set trails. I like getting off established trails, but I doubt that will ever be more than 25% of my time out there. Thanks