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Help with choosing skis

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I recently bought new boots, and I am skiing on old Rossignol Bandits. I am looking forward to next season, as I'm going to try and buy a new pair of skis before the start of next year. I ski fairly well, I can do all blues and a good amount of blacks, but my turns could be better and I'm pretty bad at moguls. So, here's my criteria for a pair of skis to buy.


- Newish, so they'll last a while.

- A bit big for me, I'm 5'7" and around 130 lbs, and my current skis are 160s, so somewhere around there. 

- Non-specific. Not made for 100% groomers, or powder, not twin tips, etc. 

- Ok on ice and east coast snow.


I'm looking at the Atomic Smoke TI and Volkl AC20/30 right now, does anyone here have any suggestions? I'd like sort of affordable skis, ones you could see me getting ahold of for under 600ish used/clearance. 


Let me know, and thanks a lot! If there's anything I can clarify on, please tell me.

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I've been skiing  along time but seriously don't know too much about skisBut I was on Bandits for quite sometime and just bought new Rossi Phantom SC 97's.  I got them delivered from EvoGear for <$600.  I wouldn't consider buying used skis when you can get a new pair in your price range, with bindings, but I had to pay $50 locally to get them mounted.  Now is also a good time to visit your local ski shops, they would likely mount for free and you would get advice. 


They might be a little too wide for you, however I was surprised that they seem better in all conditions than my Bandits, including moguls.  You probably won't get much response to your post since it's your first, I would suggest you search through the messages and try to find a similar situation such as yours. 


A big part of the answer is also where are you going to be skiing.  The skis are all much wider and likely the 88mm-92mm width is going to be about right for you.  Another thing is the length.  Even though you are much smaller than me, I am not sure that 182's would be better than my 187's.   A little longer ski is more stable (not > 187 though) gives a more stable turn and would hold better on ice. 

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Thanks so much for the response. I am guessing those skis are a bit wide, is there anything in particular to ask about at ski places?


And if anyone else sees this, are there any other models you'd suggest?

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I think the 97's would be overdoing it for you, although they work fine for me. 

What to do at the ski shop?  Get out the door, tell them your ability and try to find a bargain. 

You are going to look for an all around ski, probably not too far from an 85 width.  Also, carefully consider and discuss whether 187 or 182 is good.  I wouldn't go any shorter than 182.

Make and models.  There are dozens, you will have to trust the seller and the manufacturer.  Find a ski, then google "that ski reviews" and find some comments on it, but then you might get more mixed up.

Have some fun shopping, then pick you ski, and get on the lift!

You should be able to get something good for you for <$500. 

An even cheaper option, call skitruck.com, tell them about your skiing, and get something cheap there.

Also, some skis mail order will be already drilled and mounted, but they are easily adjustable by your ski shop by sliding binding.

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