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So, demoed a pair of Salomon Shoguns yesterday, 173cm. Loved them, especially with the 9" of fresh overnight and 4 feet since Sunday :D So much better then the rental skis I've skied since I started earlier this season. They handled really nicely in powder, still cut up groomed and what hardpack there was. 


The only issue was I felt like I was working wayyyy harder then I should have been. I had to take a break near the end of the day because my legs were just exhausted, which I've never felt before. Of course I've never skied a powder day on skis, only on a snowboard, but still. I also felt like a lot of the time I didn't have my weight in the right spot - it was too far back, meaning I had a lot of trouble initiating turns. Is this just a technique thing, or part of the rocker effect?