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Extra wide boots

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I'm looking to buy new boots after 15+ years on the same boots. My old one is a Lang.


I have extra wide feet. It measures about 115mm. The current old boots have been very uncomfortable, while shell fit appears to be good. I am hoping newer wider boots can help solve this problem. With my foot this wide, I feel I have better chance finding a good fit by starting off with widest ones possible.


What are the some of the widest boots out there? I enjoy all mountain and moguls, not expert.


I live near San Jose, California. I took my daughter to one of the recommended local boot fitter, but I was kind of disappointed. Can someone recommend me a good boot fitter around here?



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Thanks, mntlion.


I've actually read both posts before posting my question. I guess you are saying even with 115mm, a good boot fitter can still make it work from basically all company's boots.


BTW: what surprised me was until I recently came across this site and started reading posts, I didn't realize that I had extra wide feet! I buy regular shoes without problem. Thank you all for building very informative site.

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A follow up question. Someone posted a good experience with a fitter at a resort. Any Tahoe area resort with a good fitter on-site?

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FYI:   the boots widths are based on a size 26.   100mm is average,  95 narrow, 104 wide






100mm is very wide for a 22 foot, and very narrow for a 29.


also, some people want a tighter fit (so go narrower) and some want a looser fit (so go wider)


it is still just a starting point, so seeing a good boot fitter is key.



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Often people say they have a wide foot but have no problem buying shores ...this might suggest that there is somethignelse going on, either a lack of ankle flexion or an abduction of the foot which you ca get away with in a day to day shoe but not in a ski boot, the key is a good fitter who can assess the foot and determine if any of these problems are going on, maybe you have an average width foot which just doesn't like bing in a ski boot and needs a bit of help

Good luck getting sorted
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Thanks guys. My current boot shell size is 26. Based on mntilon says above, it appears I actually have wide foot @115mm in 26 boots. The shell size appears to be correct with side lightly touching and 7-8mm space behind the heel with toe touching the front of the shell.


I usually buy shoes in 27.5, so maybe I'm getting around with regular shoes by wearing bigger shoes.



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