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new ski edges too sharp/rough?

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Just received my first skis, Head monster im78. I expected the edges to be sharp but they seem to be either too sharp or need deburring. Just carrying them around I seem to have picked up small metal splinters in my palms and fingers. I wouldn't be game to run my hand against the edge from tail to tip!


My GF got new skis at the same time, Salomon X wings, her edges were much smoother and safer! Is it common to need to deburr new edges or for skis to come from the factory with edges unfinished. I assume this would be a pretty automated process. Assuming I want my gloves (and fingers!) too last more than a few days should I just run a stone at 45% to the edge till I can no longer use them for slicing sashimi?


thanks for any help Maurice

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No.  You should run a stone ONCE Lightly down the edge at 45 degrees to remove any bur.  You don't want to make the skis dull, just take away the bur. I usually don't bother with this step, but it is standard procedure.  Maybe the guys at the shop you bought the skis from forgot to do it.th_dunno-1[1].gif

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^^^ What he said.. Better leave the skis the way they are.... After the skiing with them for the first time they'll be fine......

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Stone seems overkill, I run a piece of wood down the edge to remove burr after sharpening.

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A stone, wood?  Buy an $8 Arkansas stone or Surgical hardstone (maybe $20.00) and a Medium Gummi.


Put your skis side edge up in a vise base away from you. Take an arkansas stone and place it flat against the base edge and with medium pressure run it flat against the base edge tip to tail keeping the stone in contact with the base edge. Use your thumb up on the side wall as a guide and keep about 20% of the stone above the side edge.


Next take a GUMMI STONE!!!! with absolutley no pressure at a 45 degree angle to the point of the edge run it tip to tail a couple of times!




 Head skis pretty much come from the factory with a pitiful tune. I have 6 different pair of Heads, so am talking from experience. And it is not the sharpmness I am talking about.


They are generally over base beveled and under side edge beveled.


Get a true even 1 degree base bevel put on your 78's which probably means a stonegrind firstand a 3 degree side edge. It will transform your skis! If you can't accuratley decipher your existing bevel angles. Take them to a competent shop and insist on no matter what kind of Bs they try to give you that you want a 1/3 race tune!



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