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In the picture, it looks like not enough counter, but he will ski into it, and it's hard to say at what point of the turn he is in, it may be okay to have that little counter in that part of the turn given his antecedant position and the overall big picture.  From that one picture though, it looks like too much knee-drive driving the tipping.


How'd I do?


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Pretty much spot-on Ghost.  It is a funky pic and difficult to tell what's up, but it appears that he is late from lack of counter early in the high C.  Parallel shafts won't do dittle if the rest isn't in place.  I think that is one of the last things to focus on in SL gates.  Long leg / short leg will help create the counter that is missing. 


Look how her inside femur flexes up to her body (which is tipped over around 45 degrees) and squeezes in the hip.  The other leg, especially on the last turn, is much more extended and the feeling in this hip is more of strain (especially with more counter). 




Edit:  I can't get a direct link.  Search for


Anja Paerson Slalom "In replay mode"

Jun 12, 2008

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