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Skiing Tahoe March 8-10th

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I will be skiing Sugar Bowl, Alpine, and Squaw (1 day each) the 8th through the 10th.  Let me know if you want to join up for a few runs or a beer afterward. It looks like I will be Sugar Bowl on Tuesday; not sure about the schedule the other 2 days yet. 

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I'm in. PM sent.

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Schedule changed for me...I have to head into SF Wed/thur but will be back Friday. There is an outside chance I will be back Thurs afternoon for a bit. TC should be around. If you need skis to use, let me know, what is your BSL?

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Dawg, Phil, Trek, Tyler and Kastle Jesse,

It was fun skiing with y'all.


Great snow monday, interesting snow Wed. overall fun postive group.


Thanks for keeping an open mind on some of my 'adventurous" snow choices...


Phil, nice to finally ski w/ you after so long.




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