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I want to mount my bindings myself.  Actually, the guys at the shop know me and said it is a no-brainer and to do it myself.


I have Marker Comp 20s and 2011 Blizzard SL 165 with the black premounted Marker Piston Plates.  The holes line up fine.  I have three options for the toe piece and seven for the heel.  All holes are predrilled.


There are no markings on the match the shell size.  I have seen older plates with recommended holes for the shell size.


So, my shells are 311 Tecnica 130s.


I need some advice on what sets of holes to use...heels and toes, based on the 311 shell. 


Also, the bindings have all the hardware.  They are 'wood screws'.  Any advice on how to screw these in would be appreciated.  Glue or epoxy before hand?  Hand screw them in?  Common f**k ups I need to be aware of?  Don't strip them etc...  Use a power drill to screw them in...


Any advice at all would be helpful...especially if someone knows the size layout for the hole patterns.


Thanks in advance.