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Ski Pants...Short?

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What ski pant brand other than Obermeyer make a short pant length?  Sorry I am height challenged.



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I am not height challenged but I hate having long pants.  Patagonia ski pants are way too long.  I'm 6' and a 34" and they drag.


My favorite are Cloudviel RPK.  The size Large is baggy enough so I can carve and about a 30.5" inseam.  Also, Arcteryx used to come in a short but they are pricey.

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I'm also vertically-challenged. 


North Face


Patagonia may come in short...but they're always skimpy around the waist for the size to counter-act any benefit.

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Originally Posted by tch View Post

...Patagonia may come in short...but they're always skimpy around the waist for the size to counter-act any benefit.

You may be misunderstanding - in a number of their ski pant models Patagonia makes a specific short length, separate from the regular length.  


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Not sure about Arcteryx. I bought the small to get a short, but the waist is like a 29 or something, and that's not good. A company with waist sizes and short models is the best, Patagonia mentioned above.

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Just to clarify: I understand the issue.  I'm also talking a specific "short" length.  As I said, I've owned North Face and Marker.  My experience (YMMV) is that Patagonia is skimpy on their waist sizes, as in just 32" or 34" at the waist.  Markers are more generous in how they size the waist.  Not every "32" is the same "32". 

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As mentioned above,  Marker, TNF, a few Patagonia and a few Arcteryx.  I've had difficulty finding ski pants that I like in a short length, especially late in the season- when they may be on sale.  My advice would be to jump on a deal if you are lucky enough to find one.  If you like a loose fit, TNF makes the Freedom pant (insulated and non insulated versions) in short lengths.  The non insulated Patigonia powderbowl pant and the Arcteryx sidewinder, last seasons scarab pant and I believe the stinger bib come in short lengths.

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Spyder makes some.



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I personally found those Spyder pants to fit a little too baggy around the ankles.biggrin.gif

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