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This discussion is akin to figuring out the best way to have sex...which tempo is better isn't really relevant, is it?!?


If someone wants to jackhammer their way down a run with seismic changes of direction, so be it.  I still love bumps, even though I'm older, have considerably less cartilage, and carry a lot more "ballast," and I'll occasionally rip off some staccato slalom turns on the odd groomer.  I like hard and fast...sometimes.  That said, there's nothing like huge-radius turns at this stage (of my skiing life).  Hooking up that edge and finessing it through the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (as MastersRacer and Billy S so capably described) on a big, high-speed arc is so voluptuous that I feel dirty thinking about it.  


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I guess I fall into the hippety hop slash and dash kind of guy. I get my biggest thrills from skiing the narrowest line I can while still maintaining a rhythmic side to side motion. When the center of th slopes are all slashed up by you guys making those big turns and from the tourons side slipping, snow plowing and skidding their way down the hill, I am skiing that 10 foot wide section of freshies right next to the tree line. biggrin.gif

Now I do on an occasion when nothing else is available or for a change of pace, enjoy a high speed ripper laying down some deep trenches.

Rick G
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Palisades first tracks Main 2.jpgIMG_0527 [1024x768].JPGD's tracks 8's main chute.jpg

Fun long turns in Main Chute, early morning, one of the biggest days of the year. biggrin.gif  Then a second run to 8 them. Tracks tell a story. We always have to turn around and read it.  Some of these guys make a much longer turn than I.  And some don't turn at all.eek.gif

Squaw Pano April 16 002 [1024x768].JPG

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I don't think you could call the center of those "slopes" slashed up. smile.gif

The edges holding the last untracked powder will get their due.  Just not yet.

That one turn about 10 feet from the cliff wall was at about 25 mph; had to deal with the avi bomb hole just below the drop in, and if I was going to ride long turns, that upped the speed.  yahoo.gif

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