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Heavenly on a windy day

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I have my first day in Tahoe on Monday and the weather report looks really windy - Very windy, with a west wind around 45 mph, with gusts as high as 65 mph.  Is this bad enough that they'll probably shut down the upper lifts?  I was going to take one of the all day adventure session classes but will probably go somewhere else if only the lower half is open.

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yes.   But lapping Gunbarrel is an option on windy days.


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We were there one day when the upper lifts were closed for wind, but Mott/Killebrew and the Mott chair were still open.  It was very difficult (and confusing) to get to, however.  We asked directions repeatedly and still wound up going the wrong way.  Eventually got there, after a hike that turned out to be unnecessary.  

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