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What kind of ski is the Head Monster iM 76 (blue)?

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I just spent 2 days on those as a rental, and would like to buy a similar ski, possibly better in terms of stability. 6'0, 330 lbs (yes) intermediate skier - all parallel turns on greens and blues and easy blacks. Hate trees, off piste is not a priority. Tend to not balance well on bumps. Groomed with big bunches of powder is fine. (I don't think whistler grooms all their runs).


I saw Solomon Sentinel almost half off at REI, and saw them recommended here, how would they compare?


Thanks S.

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The Head you are referring to is an intermediate skis and might not be enough for your big frame. The Sentinel on the other hand is a much beefier and substantial ski. I have had the Sentinal overpower modest skier, if you are aggressive, you can handle them. 

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At 330 lbs. it is important that you get a ski that is strong enough to handle the forces that someone your size can exert. Wood core construction is a must and a double torsion box (esentially a box inside a box) is the strongest type of construction. A metal top layer (usually an aluminum composite) is also very important for added strength.

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What is aggressive skiing?


I had Solomon xwing initially as the rental. They were shorter and I think they were beginner ski. With those you could turn with no effort. But it seemed they had no direction and I got really tired. It's hard to say if it was just the ski, I am also out of shape. I did a level 4 refresher course on my second day and took away to let my balance do more of the work and less the muscles. 


When I got the Head skis, they felt a little lifeless on the first run, and required a little nudge to start turning. I didn't mind that though as they did turn with much more confidence. This is why I asked for even more stability, I don't mind being conscious of my technique if the ski is stable. Once I had better stability I realized my boots were too large. So I am seeing a bootfitter today.


My arch enemy have been bumps; my forward/backward balance goes to hell and everything else fails with that of course. Not sure if a stronger ski will help with that.

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Options seen locally today


Volkl AC30 184 $649 w/bindings 

Nordica Tempest 178 $499 w/bindings

Solomon Sentinel 177 $329 w/o bindings


any opinons on those?





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Demo'd the Nordica Helldiver today and had a blast. Grip, balance, speed, all awesome. Chewing on the $1300 price tag.

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