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Does anyone use a machinist style protractor for measuring base and side bevels?  Some of these have vernier scales to fractions of a degree, but I wonder if they are practical for ski edge angles.


Here's some examples:


I've tried tools for setting bevels, but I usually come back to using magic marker and careful hand filing to get nice sharp beveled edges.  But I always wonder (if by hand or with a bevel tool) if the angles are right.


I worked as a tuning tech in 2 different ski shops.  Both had simple belt-sander edge grinders.  Nobody had any idea if the rollers that the ski rode on were square with the belt platten.  It was all eyeball, and probably not accurate.


We had a solid machinist square like this one...but it was always guess work on what the angles were, and most techs didn't care enough to check them.  I did tunes for racers who paid for custom tunes, so I got good at sweating the details, but even then it was guess work.


I offered for people to bring them back for adjustment, so in that sense it didn't matter what the angles were, they were dialed in the way they liked them. Many times I'd add more side bevel under foot for ice, or in some cases more detune on tips and tails to cure hangups.


I've also tried feeler gauges under a true bar...anyone do that?