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Quick Volkl Kendo questions ...

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Skied the Kendo for 4 days at Big Sky last week and loved them. Skied a 184 (I'm 6'1" 235). Found the 184 a bit hard to turn in the bumps, but I'm still learning bumps, so that's likely why. When I had good energy, I could work the length in the bumps, but when I started to tire, the length became harder to maneuver - but still workable. On groomers and in powder or crud, the length seemed fine.


So anyway -- I've got a local shop with a great deal on the Kendos and am seriously considering picking them up tomorrow as my first pair of skis -- and I've got two questions:


1) does the 184 seem approrpriate? I typically ski demos in the 178-182 range, but these seemed to ski shorter than some 180s and 182s I've skied. I just want to be sure I'm not overdoing it with the 184.


2) recommended bindings? As I've never owned skis before, I know *nothing* about bindings. I see the Griffon and Jester recommended often, but I'd like to do the bindings at the shop here -- and they don't carry these, they carry the Squire. Not to mention the Griffon and Jester are 1.5-2x the price.


Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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The 184 is a good length, you could ski the 177 also. Neither is right or wrong, the 177 will be better at turning quickly in bumps (but as you get better at bumps you'll find the 184 is better), the 184 will be better everywhere else for you... unless you value slower speed maneuverability, then the 177 is better.


I would recommend not buying a Squire at your size, there is a reason Griffons cost more. There are plenty of other bindings that would work well on that ski, just avoid bindings targeted at 'tweener' kids and women, you are too big for them. You should be on a binding with a more stout build, bindings with a DIN range that goes to 12 (at least) will be best. Tyrolia, Look and Salomon are all excellent alternatives to Marker.

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Def. the 184 in your size--I have similar weight/height to you (3 inches taller, same weight) and the 184's are perfect.  Small bumps, crud, or ridge lines are a ton of fun -- I agree they are not ideal in hard pack VW bumps, but who the hell really wants to ski those anyway?  


Volkl intends that ski to be paired with either the Griffin (ideal match for most conditions) or the Jester (if you are a double black charger and need a binding that can handle 20 foot cliff jumps in Squaw or something).


I have the Griffin set on a Din of just 7 and have never had them pre-release on me or release when I didn't want them too.  I only had a ski pop off twice and both times I am very glad it did (tip straight into the backside of a big mogul where I would have likely bent the ski or injured something and another time hooking my ski in between someone's legs who suddenly decided to turn right in front of me on a steep part of a black run without looking and then stop.)



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Thanks for the responses. Paid for the 184s yesterday. Won't bother picking them up till I order and receive bindings.


Do I need the 110mm brakes, or will the 90mm fit? Seems like the 90 either won't fit or will be cutting it really close.


Additionally -- is it worth the extra cash for the Griffon or Jester "Schizo", or am I not likely to use that feature?


I'd prefer not to spend the money on the Jester, but the Griffon lists the top weight at 250. Should I even be concerned about that - the fact that I'm within 15lbs (though hopefully that gap grows as time goes on smile.gif) - or is it nothing to be worried about?


Continued thanks.

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Like I said, I'm 235lbs without gear, so probably closer to 245 with boots and all and haven't had a problem with the bindings pre-releasing even on a relatively low DIN...  The 90mm brake is fine, the kendo waist is 88. 



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