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Snow/ice buildup

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Is there anything I can do to the soles of my boots to help prevent snow and ice buildup?


I have Nordica Dobermann jr. race boots to fit very skinny feet -- the first boots i have skied w/out pain. BUT


I do a fair amount of hiking for turns and these boots seem to suck snow and ice onto their soles way more than any of my companions'. The snow that sticks is very (really) hard to get off. even whacking them on the bindings repeatedly (which isn't good for the bindings) often doesn't do it. I have had issues with pre-releases in very bad places when I've failed to clear the ice dam than builds up so fast, despite repeated scraping and pounding.


I resorted to taking a paint scraper with me, but that's a PITA too.


I thought about spraying them with PAM or WD40 but then decided it would be crazy when the hiking path goes over rocks -- or navigating the tile floors in restrooms for that matter.


Any advice short of buying new boots would be appreciated.



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a light coating of wax might help  (I worked at a heli lodge for a few years, and the cold snow vs the warm heli casued  a lot of icing,   We would way the customers boots and that would help for a while


also a thin layer of duct tape will help that, but NO IDEA what it will do to the release of the binding.

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We use a spray that people use for cleaning plastic car parts, back to black for example, but you know, if snow don't stick, you slip!!! Vibram it.Rubbered up Seth.jpg

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Thank you fellas. Mudfoot suggested the duct tape also. I was told by another professional that the statistics show vibram soles = more knee injuries. Have you heard that also or is it a myth?
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