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I'm 17, 150 pounds and currently live in Virginia.  I grew up skiing in NY.  I have a season pass at a place in Virginia, but I ski all over the east, but mostly New York and Vermont.  I'm a junior and I'm looking at colleges up north, preferably UVM, UNH, and some other smaller schools in PA, NY, and in the New England area. 


I'm an advanced, all mountain, downhill, aggressive skiier and i'm currently on the 171cm Line Chronic Menaposs and I'm loving it, but I'm going to need a new pair of skis for next year.  I occasionally go to the park, but I prefer carving wide radius turns on the groomers (that's all we have down here in VA) all day.  In VA, it's all on-piste, but like I said earlier, I ski all over the East.  I'd like a ski that can do it all-have stability when I'm carving down groomers and hard-pack, rip like a racing ski, plow through crud, float over the slush we get here, etc.  I want to be able to ski everything on every condition on every part of any mountain.  I prefer twin tips right now, just because I love the feel of them under my feet, the float and everything, and I like to turn switch every now and then to go backwards. 


I've been looking around recently and have been really impressed with a couple skis.  Here's a list that i'm kind of torn with.


Line Prophet 100

Line Prophet 90

Volkl Bridge

Volkl Unlimited AC-50

The Volkl Unlimited Grizzly

Atomic Coax

Atomic Supreme

Atomic Snoop

Rossignol Avenger 82 TI

Volkl Mantra

Volkl Kendo


I know, it's a big list, but they all sound so awesome that it's hard to pick.  I've been reading through a bunch of ski reviews for these skis, but still I'm torn.  This is my first time posting on a forum.  So what i'm doing here is just asking for some opinions on what I should do.

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