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Sizing Question on Volkl AC30

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Hello All,


I am brand new to this forum and have a question that I would really appreciate some feedback on.


I recently purchased a set of Volkl AC30, 170cm.....I am 6'1 and 215lbs. I have demoed both the 170 and 177 prior to purchasing and did feel slightly more at home on the 170's, although this is my first time in 15 years of skiing that I actually used a legitamite pair of skis. Due to a ridiculous hockey schedule, I was never "allowed" to ski, but when I was able to squeeze it in, it was always on some awful rental. However, I do consider myself to be an advanced level skier and can ski all black diamonds confidentally...even tho I have only skied maybe 30 or 40 times in the past 10 years....however, I do plan on hitting at least 12 days a year going forward. I mosttly ski North East Mountains.


So to my question....should the 177 of been the bare minimum for me? I do like to push the speed limit, but also enjoy quick crisp turns for when the North East catches a snow storm and within a few hours, all of the trails are blasted with natural occurring moguls.


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

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Welcome to Epicski


No question about it the 170cm is the ski for you.  I have the AC30s in 170cm length.   I am 6 foot and 200 lbs and love this ski for everything on the east coast as well as knee deep powder out west.   Awsome ski.  Everyone of my ski patrol friends that have this ski love it.  I was told to go with with the Volkl AC30 170cm length by a friend that is a long time Volkl rep, PSIA instructor, has worked professional in the ski industry for many years, and is an assistant supervisor of a major ski resort.  To be honest if you did a blind fold test you probably could not notice the difference between the 170cm and 177cm except maybe in deep over the knee bottomless powder, where the 177cm would give you a little more float.  Since you indicated mostly north east skiing, then 170cm is definitely the right choice. icon14.gif





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wow - thank you so much for this great response and for confirming my purchase. I was actually starting to have some buyes remorse and when I called the ski shop to discuss a swap for the 177, they told me that the last 2 pairs they had sold. So I guess the 170's are meant to be. Thanks again for supporting the 170's - I just bought them earlier this weekend and can not wait to get to NH this weekend - just hope it doesnt rain!


Have fun out there!

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