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Best Resort for Weekend In SLC

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Staying in Park City for the next week.

Willing to travel to ski on Saturday.

Wonder if some of the resorts are less crowded

on Saturday/Sunday than PCMR


Any suggestions would be appreciated



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Hmmmm. Who is going to give away their secret weekend spots?


Okay, well from my experience, and please locals don't shoot me, I save Snowbasin and/or Powder Mtn. for the weekends.


Now that suggestion was given to me by a local, (thanks 4ster), a few years ago so I guess its okay to pass on. Was/is good tip.


Also Solitude seems to be a bit less crowded than the other resorts during busy times. Just my two cents.

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Solitude on sunday. Usually emptuy


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If you are in PC and PCMR is too crowded, you could always try Deervalley or the Canyons. DV seems to be pretty empty when I have been there. And the Canyons is so wide you will probably be able to find empty lifts on the edges of the resort (condor or dreamcatcher).

Also Solitude, Snowbasin, POWMOW...


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Now that pres week is over, there are very little crowds or lines anywhere that I've seen. PCMR is uncrowded, Alta ditto, Powder Mountain is deserted and I expect Snowbasin and Solitude are pretty quiet too. Oddly,of all places I've skied lately, Deer Valley has been the most crowded.   

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