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Need help with sizing for a pair of Rossi S7's

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I'm looking at getting a pair of Rossi S7's.  However I don't know the best size to get.  178's or 188's. 


I am 35 yrs old.  5'6" 180lbs. I would consider myself a very solid intermediate to moderately advanced skier.  Been skiing since I was 3.  I am currently skiing Rossi Phantom SC80's 170cm.  I'm leaning towards 178's which would be about 4" taller than I am.  The 188's (6'2") seem to be offly long.  But everyone says the S7's ski shorter than they really are.  So I'm not sure which way I should go.  Any help is appreciated.

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First, welcome to EpicSki!


It's also going to matter where you are going to ski them.  I'd think 178 would be fine if you are going to have them in some tighter spaces like in the trees.  If they are going to be for wide open bowls then you could go 188.



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I live in the midwest and would ski my SC80's around here.  The S7's would be for out west.  Was just in Heavenly 2 weeks ago when they got 81" in 4 days.  Realized real quick I wanted powder ski's if I really want to have a lot of fun in powder.  I would like them to be very manaverable if going in trees.  I would say I would be using them in more in trees than in wide open bowls.  Don't anticipate skiing the powder and really high speeds.  Just want to be able to make some nice S turns in the knee to waste deep stuff.

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Could go either. Even the 188's will be very turny in the trees. The ski really skis short. At your skill and height, it lends it to the 178, But at your weight and the fact that you're probably not going to be skiing them fast would suggest the 188's. 178's are probably easier and potentially cheaper to find. 188's are probably harder.


If it were me I would go with the 188's but I like a longer ski. Have your demoed them?

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Fultz, good choice of ski.  I've been on mine since the beginning of last season and have never had more fun in powder and they are skiable many more days than you might think.  The 188 changes next year with metal added (as Rossi has been doing to the 195 cm Super 7) so that might be a consideration for you.  I know many guys who are very high level skiers and have chosen to go short knowing full well the ski skis short.  Ski length is always at least partly based on personal preferences but given what you've said about yourself my bet is you would be happiest on the 178, followed by this year's 188 and then last choice would be next year's 188.    

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Thanks for the feedback guys.  One more question, if I go with the 178's they are 5mm narrower at the tip, waist, and tail.  Do you think I would see a noticable difference in the ski's ability to cut through crud and float in deeper powder, or do you think the 5mm differenct is negliable. 

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I'm 5'10 180 lbs and ski on the 188 S7.  I demoed the 176 last year and had fun with it, but it was immediately obvious that they were too short.  I know plenty of people who bought this ski too short and rapidly dumped them.  Get the length you want, but I strongly suggest demoing to be sure.  Most of my other skis are in the 170-180 range these days.

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Don't even consider the 178 - far too short in this type of ski for any adult man.

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To be clear, there are two S7 versions in 188 for 2012. Both "regular" (dark topsheet) and "super" (white & green topsheet) are available in 188 cm. Both are already on the street.


If this is your big snow ski, I'd probably do the 188. Maybe mount a couple cm forward of the 0 line. But it all comes down to preference & use.

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I own the Mancini graphic 188 S7, am 6' 165. Have skied the 178, fun in very tight places, but not enough at even moderate speeds in open broken snow. This is a uniquely forgiving ski, so the usual length adjustments for ability don't apply IMO unless you're planning to ski nothing but trees, slowly. FWIW, different take than Spin about rec to mount forward of 0, which is already the freestyle line (factory recommends -2 for directional skiing) Incidentally, make sure you measure these from the tail before deciding on a mount; graphic lines can drift around. Factory rec is 86 cm from tail, tape horizontal to running surface, to locate 0. The forward or backward from that. 

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