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Heel pain

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Dear Boot Gurus,


Last weekend I had an issue that I have never had before. I started to experience a tremendous amount of pain in my right heel, almost like my heel was put in a vise and sqeezed on each side.


I am currently in Lange Banshee Pros with a tight, 10mm shell fit. I have  Instaprint footbeds and roughly 50 days on the stock liners. When I put my feet into the shell with out a liner, I have about 1 - 1.5mm on each side of my heel. I needed the forefoot area ground out slightly at the 5th met and 6th toe on both boots. Overall the boots seams to conform uniformly to my foot in almost every area.


When I was breaking in the liner, the heel area was very tight, but I never felt any pain. Getting into the boots, I do up the top buckle slightly and flex my boot to driving my heel deep into the pocket. When I take my boots off, its as if i need to pry my heel out of the boot, which I like, as it gives me tremendous control when skiing.


Could it be that I have packed out the liner enough, that I am wedging my heel too deep into the pocket?


In order to subdue the pain, I skied the rest of the day with my boots nearly unbuckled. As weird as it sounds, I seamed to have the same command of my skis and I felt like my feet were more "alive". Is it possible that I have skied all these years over tightening my boots, do I not know what tight should be.


Let me know if its me doing something wrong or if there could be other issues.


Thanks guys





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wrinkle in the liner?


better with a small heel lift?

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I thought the same thing, that possibly the liner was not positioned correctly or had bunched up. I removed the liner and foot bed and everything looked OK. When I put my foot back in the boot, I made sure I pulled up on the back of the liner and worked my heel  into the pocket.


Standing in position with out buckling my boots, everything seemed in order until I buckled up. I have always cranked down pretty tight on my boots and never had an issue, but this time the pain started as soon as I unweighted my foot.


The pain started on the 3rd day, Sunday,  however I was doing moderate hucks to very soft landings on Friday and Saturday (Mammoth got 8 feet in the last cyclebiggrin.gif) and I do not recall ever landing very hard.


I  do have small heel lifts as the ROM in my ankles is nonexistent.


Thanks for the help, maybe the additional info will shed some light.







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