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Revelstoke late TR: picts + POV

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Well, I know this TR is more than 1 month late, but only now I found some time to edit the footage recorded up there... anyway, better late than never!


After visiting Sun Peaks during Christmas and New Years, I met a Brazilian friend and we went for a road trip. The plan was to ski Big White, Revelstoke and Kicking Horse, then go back to Vancouver.

After getting some good snow and crappy visibility in Big White, we headed to Revelstoke, which had received around 3 feet of snow in the last few days, and it was still snowing.





I had skied Revelstoke only for a day, last April, during a late season storm, and was really impressed with the length of the runs and the size of the glade areas.

My friend was a little scared with the reputation of the resort. Everyone he told that he was going to Revelstoke would say: "Awesome, that is such a sick and extreme mountain! Bring your fat skis!"

Although he is very enthusiastic and fit, he is more a lower intermediate who can ski some steep groomers but avoids bumps and powder.


But the good news was that another friend from Kamloops, who is a very good skier and knows the mountain pretty well was going to join us for some skiing!






During that weekend, Revelstoke was hosting the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour, so the town was full of stuff going on. And although it was a powder day on a Saturday, the place was not crowded and the lines were totally ok.







Revelstoke definitely is not a beginners mountain.

It's the kind of place that if you don't know were you are going, you better not go! Lots of very easily accessible big cliffs...

Everyone seems to carry avalanche gear, and ski with huge rockers...   I was definitely skiing with one of the narrowest skis around, and I regret not renting something fatter for that Saturday.... ( I had my monster 77 Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif)

But anyway, we split the group for some runs, my Brazilian friend stayed on the grommed runs and I went with the Canadian to check the bowls and glades. I'd say that in a good day, Revelstoke tree skiing is as good as it gets.



the north bowl




After the snowy Saturday we got 3 days of very cold weather (-20c) and blue bird skies. The coverage and snow quality was very good (only the last 500ft were a little hard pack)


stoke chair




On our last day, the trees were not very fun anymore, but the 5,620 ft vertical were still there, full of great terrain and challenges.



one of the FWT competidors going down Mt Mackenzie



same as the above, but with the zoom out




We ended up not going to kicking horse since it would cost us a day of skiing and then an even longer drive back to Vancouver...

But we had an awesome time in Revelstoke, great snow, crazy terrain, and a very nice little town. My Brazilian friend also loved the place, since their grommed runs were super long and steep.


Oh, and the views are just out of this world!




Here is a little video recorded during 2 of our 4 days up there.



























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you seem to just fine on the 77's

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Nice pics and video! whats the song at the start of the first video?

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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post

you seem to just fine on the 77's

I think they are good skis, specially because I have to plan in advance and fly to all my ski trips... so only carry 1 pair of skis during my trips.

But I definitely could use more flotation on powder... probably my next "all mt" ski will be fatter.


Originally Posted by bquick222 View Post

Nice pics and video! whats the song at the start of the first video?


The song is "1901", by Phoenix.


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Cool TR. I was also at Revy that weekend. Great skiing, but the drive up from Calgary was brutal.

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