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Did I break my bindings?!?

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I was trying to adjust my bindings (Markers) to make them fit bigger boots.  I cranked them open with the one phillips screw out the back until they fit, almost all the way out the track.  I popped the boot in, they seemed to fit when compressed, but when I took out the boot the heel slid around between the point where it started and where I had adjusted it to.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks for help...

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It sounds like you were adjusting the forward pressure screw and set it way too far back.


The heel of the binding needs to be set roughly at the correct spot by either screwing it into the correct holes in a plat or drilled in the ski (or possibly by unlocking it and sliding it along a track that only has a finite number of positions where it can be locked down at).  Then the binding position is "fine tuned" by the forward pressure adjustment so that when the boot is locked down the binding moves against a spring just enough to have that screw you turned flush with the housing (for most markers I have come across).

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okay thanks a bunch...I'll get someone to look at it

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Which Marker binding is it?  I have the Jester and it adjusts just as the OP says, by turning the forward pressure screw till the boot fits and then fine tuning the forward pressure screw till it's flush with the housing around it.


Sounds like you are too close to the end of the binding track with the larger boots to make it work.  I'm betting the heel is just pushed beyond the end of the track the worm screw engages in.



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