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boot help

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ok i posted before my trip/.  I have head edge ltd boots. size 26.5.  Ive been slowly getting the boots to pain free all year.  While in Vermont skiing last week pain was different then ever.  I know where i live there is one boot shop and it isnt very good.  I visited the boot pro in ludlow as I was skiing at okemo.  I desrbied the problem i was having with almost a cramp type feelin on the bottom of feet.  He said do custom insoles.  Did that.  Still have pain under foot.  Then we decided to grind the insole down some and punch the side of the boot some.  Helped some.  Now i am not sure if my feet hurt or if they are really cold.  I do not think i could wear thicker socks as my toes are pretty tight.  I almost think i could have used the 27.  Any suggestions.  WOuld a toe punch help the problem, cuz when i turn it almost feels like i touch the front of the boot.

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please read and, check the fit, and answer the questions.   This will give us some good info to help you more



and wear thinner socks.

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socks are as thin as they make.  Been wearing bridgedale ultra fit

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