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just got spam PM

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Anyone else get one?

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Not yet.

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More information, please?

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Could've sworn you told me that you needed that info on Viagra prescriptions over the Internet. wink.gif

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Here it is,.... BTW- I prefer my women to have better writing skills.....biggrin.gif


"HELLO Dear how are you today? hope fine and you are in good health.My name is Miss Joy, I am looking for a very nice and loving Friend that i can share discussion with,then after going through your profile now on this site and i pick interest in you, so i will like you to write me via my email address(joy_x1awaza@yahoo.com)for my picture and further discussion of friendship. New Friend Joy. """




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That is not spam. You're just a chick magnet.

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yeah, thats me alright!  Why am I envsioning that new CC points commercial with the dude name "peggy" on the phone?


Oh well, at least she didn't ask me to send plane ticket money to her lock box in Nigeria.....

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That is not spam. You're just a chick magnet.


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