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Ski Choosing Help

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HI everyone,

I am from the east and usually ski in New Hampshire or Vermont. I am looking for an all mountain twin tip new that will perform great everywhere from the steeps to the parks and to the bumps so I basically wan a good one ski quiver for myself I am an aggressive skier, 13 years old, 5'6" and weigh 110 pounds.  I enjoy stability and air.  I have found a few skis that would fit my needs but am wondering if anybody can tell me anything else about these skis or suggest other pairs that they think would be great. Here are the skis that I am considering:

K2 EXT $400 mounted with bindings

K2 Silencer $320 flat

Surface Double Time: $400 flat


I don't want to go over $400 flat so this is what I found any suggestions would be great,


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You might consider the Line Prophet Flite.  It's in your price range and seems like it would fit your criteria.


I've skied the Line Prophet 90 and loved it in bumps and steep groomers (didn't get to try it in deep snow).  It might be a little stiff for someone of your weight, though, especially in the park.  The Flite is the 90s lighter/more flexible twin.  It shares the same geometry as the 90 but uses a carbon stringer instead of metal and a poplar core instead of maple.  The result is a ski that is pretty similar, but more flex, livelier, lighter, and less expensive.  It's more park oriented than the 90 (though still not a dedicated park ski), but from what I've heard, it's still got decent edge grip for an all mountain twin, so it should be a good fit for all mountain New England skiing.


Good luck!

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thanks anybody know of any other skis?


Edit: what about the Line Chronic Cryptonite i've been chatting with people on backcountry and they said that that was a good choice even though it wasn't in stock.  If you are chatting with them online tell them that you want to find a ski and get next years version if they don't have your size in stock and you can get their true opinion unrestricted of what skis are in stock.  What do you think and the silencer and EXT are off the list now just the Chronic Cryptonite and the Prophet flite, I think that due to my weight I should go for the cryptonite due to the fact that is is more flexible any opinions?

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Any help guys please?

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Originally Posted by skishoot View Post

Any help guys please?

Help? S.E.A.R.C.H.  There's over 2300 threads when entering "all mountain twin tips"

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