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I am a 63 year old  6' 2'' , 250lb recreational skier in the twilight of his skiing days. I usually stay on groomed runs nowadays although I can get down most things. I like skiing at speed on wide pistes making sweeping GS style turns.


I had devoutly hoped that my beloved Salomon SX 90 Equipes size 360 bought when I skied much harder on 215 GS style skis [ Autiers ] would see me out but the plastic outer shell on one boot broke a couple of weeks ago. mad.gif Also I can see that some of the other plastic parts are degraded.


Nowadays I prefer 190 to to 200 skis with moderate side cuts as I find the 180 length carvers to be too twitchy. My current favorite skis are a pair Atomic Beta Carve 10 22s.


I have tried a couple of modern overlap 4 clip boots and find them very difficult to get into and do up and even when the boots are clipped up as hard as I can manage they are clearly allowing more movement than my old boots did.


I can see that it would be prop ably pointless to buy another pair of used SX 90s as the plastic would also be degraded by time.


If I go looking for a pair of Salomon SX 92 Equipes will I be at high risk of having the plastic failure problem again. [ Say in the next 3 - 5 years ]


Will the 92 Equipes be much different in feel from the 90 Equipes. I can see that they are cosmetically quite different but it looks like the basic design is the same.


From memory Salomon made a range of rear entry boots with the SX 90 Equipes being at the top of  the range in terms of stiffness. Was there much difference between the SX 90 Equipe and the lower numbers.


Is there any other manufacturers similar rear entry boot that I should look at.

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Boots are basically the same.  Primary difference is that 92 is perhaps as much as four years younger which will make it only 30 years old.


Recommend you buy new boots.  Fit problems you've had with new boots are related to buying the wrong size. 



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Unfortunately new style overlap boots are a problem as I have high arches and one ankle has restricted movement. I just find it almost impossible to get into them.


I have found a pair of gently used SX 92s [ non equipe though.]   Off to have a look at them tonight!

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Purchase a Hot Gear bag and drop the old boot idea.



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Bought the 92 Equipes [ 9 years younger than my old 90 equipes] which came with all the little doodahs and the basic instructions and had been little used. I only managed one days skiing on them but it was like coming home to a comfy armchair with the remote to hand.


Control with no pain, it was just magic.


Now I need to figure out how to alter the cant as I am catching outside edges. It looks like you can turn around the plastic grips on the base of the boots which changes boot cant angles. Anyone have a set of precise instructions on this?

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