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Salt Lake in Early April

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Just wondering how the skiing around Salt Lake will be in early April? Any advice on where to go?

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Could be awesome.  I will be there the first week.   April gets dumps.  Even if it doesn't, spring in UT doesn't suck.  


Little or Big Cottonwood if in SLC (You can't go wrong at any of the resorts).  Snowbasin, PowderMountain in the Ogden Area (Steep).  If you want a resort town - Park City (Canyons/Park).  $ Luxury-Dear Valley.  Low elevation Provo - Sundance.


Go up to Logan(2hrs north) if you want to avoid crowds -Beaver Mountain. 


Alta closes mid-month then usually opens for a weekend or two.


Again,  you will get good skiing with or without freshies.




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