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advice on new setup

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I'm new to the forum and relatively new to skiing and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.  I purchased my first set of skis this year as I wanted to do more of it (been skiing for a while but never had my own stuff) and went with Volkl Kendos, Marker bindings and Tecnica Dragon 100 boots.  My question is this: next year I want a pair of Volkl Bridges as I find myself around the park and going for air as much as possible.  I'm no expert but enjoy learning and like the idea of doing freestyle. I was wondering if my boots are suitable for this or if I should go for something else.  Please advise.

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If your boots fit you well then they will be fine.

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The boots do fit fine just really stiff.  Does anyone here have any opinions on what the best park/freestyle (sorry I'm not up on my terminology) ski is?  I've read good things about the Volkl Bridge but there are literally so many brands I don't have the time to research every one.  

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If you like the boots and they are only too stiff, a bootfitter can soften them some.

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