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Ghetto Ski Rack?

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So, we're headed to Park City next week.   I cheaped out, and instead of paying $800+ for an SUV, paid $250 for a full size rental car at SLC airport.  


What to do with the skis, though?  Enterprise and others evidently rent those Inno magnetic racks, but Avis doesn't.  I see I have 4 options.


1- If I'm lucky, I can get a car with fold-down seats.


2- Buy an Inno for $110 and bring it with me.


3- Make two trips (it's what, 30 minutes?) each way.  One for wife, kid, and luggage, the other for skis.


4- Tie the ski bags to the roof with rope (running through the open windows) kind of like christmas trees, then drive slowly on the interstate :-)  Aka, Ghetto ski rack.


What say ye, Epicski.  Am I a horrible person for even considering #4?  I suppose #2 is probably the best option.

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Where are you driving around PC?  If you're not driving much, you can get a shuttle for ~$250 RT, and they'll tie your skis to the top of the shuttle van with a rope...or, they might have a rack...


#4 happens a lot, but mostly with vans that have the surface area under the skis supported for most of their length.  Just did that with a shuttle service from Teton Village to Jackson airport.

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Driving from the SLC airport to downtown SLC (staying at the Sheraton) for the first night, then a full week in Park City skiing at PCMR (staying in a slopeside condo).  Will probably actually do a day at Deer Valley, a day at Canyons, and maybe a day at Alta.  


We want the rental car for ease of getting the baby around, going to the grocery store, and I need it the first day for driving around SLC (I'm going to my company's office that afternoon to work a little).  Plus, it's about evenly priced with the shuttle.  


Since it's so close, I'm tempted to just bring some rope and try my luck...

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cars have hard points front and back under and inside the bumper for towing I think, steel rod in a loop shape. with lots of rope, you're good.

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you might ask at the rental location for a car with the trunk pass through


or try to schmooze your way into a minvan...worked for me last time and

they make an awesome ski vehicle



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Go with Budget and request a ski rack...I did that with a premium rental and ended up getting an upgrade to a small SUV (Ford Escape) since the ski rack would not fit on the premium car.  We then upgraded to a Jeep Grand Cherokee mid-week because we've been looking into buying one and we decided we didn't need the ski rack.

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Yeah, I wish I had gone with a different company.  I called a few, and they had racks, including Avis.  Then, after prepaying, Avis told me the racks are only for SUV's...  I'm going to see if they'll let me upgrade to a minivan or SUV at the airport.  I think I'm going to just play it by ear, but definitely bring some rope just in case.

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I know, I're at Avis, damage waiver in hand:  "no rack for this Camry, huh? and you do have racks, though?. That's OK, could you hold that seat back while I just slide these in...there, perfect, they just fit front to back, tips on the stereo tails punched into the upholstery for a nice tight fit....edges rest nicely over the seat damage at all to the skis and no rain, mud or snow will get to them in here, nice and dry, thx."

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