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Nightlife in Utah?

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Am making my annual trip to Utah 3/15-3/22. Regularly stay at motel in Midvale, rent car, and drive to Alta, Solitude, Snowbasin, PC or DV, etc.


This time out I am feeling like I would like a little more night time excitement, possibly due to the fact that I am flying solo again! ;>)  So I was thinking (dangerous for me) that maybe staying up at PC would liven things up a bit. Anyone know what the nightlife is like up there?


Downside is its longer hike to big and little Canyon's and I will be skiing Alta and Solitude for sure.


Yeah I'm going to ski but heck, a little socializing apre' ski with the fairer sex ain't a bad thing is it? Rhetorical question.....





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Park City is definitely the best option for nightlife. You have a variety of lively bars within walking/free bus distance. I'd say it's probably the best nightlife in Utah-- outside of a road trip to Vegas wink.gif I've been out once or twice there, but didn't know my way around too well, so can't really give you many suggestions. Harry O's was pretty lame the night I was there (during Sundance, but a pretty off night with a crappy band).


Another option would be to stay in downtown SLC, plenty of bars and clubs there too, and you'd be closer to the CCs.

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Maybe I will just drive up to PC and hang out a few evenings. Looking at lodging up there and its not cheap compared to valley.

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Originally Posted by theconz View Post

Maybe I will just drive up to PC and hang out a few evenings. Looking at lodging up there and its not cheap compared to valley.

Yeah, Park City's kind of a rip compared to the other resorts. I was going to stay there for a night in January and couldn't find anything below $150, except for a Best Western in Coalville about 20 minutes away. Kinda defeats the purpose. You can find cheaper stuff in downtown SLC, though.

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It's not cheap, but the lodges up at Alta have a very nice vibe.  Dinner is typically social and the Pdog is open till 10ish. 

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Sitzmark and sleep.

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I've stayed at the Snowpine and loved it. But I want to ski Snowbasin and Solitude also. Now if I can talk the manager at the Snowpine into starting his late season rates a week early......

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John, it must be nice to be young and be up for nightlife after sking all day. Unfortunately, I am old and feeble.

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I don't know SLC well, but tend to agree with those that think you could find something in the way of nightlife there. 


Vegas is not exactly right around the corner, but Wendover, NV is only about 2 hours away.  Not sure if they still do it, but years ago I went on a bus trip from PC after skiing to the Wendover casinos- not exactly Vegas, but I wasn't even 21 and had a fun time (and was young enough to handle getting up and go skiing the next day).  IIRC they ran the trips 1 night a week from PC, but said they had them every day from SLC- just a thought if you were looking to mix it up a bit...

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