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Boat Winches

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I'm looking for some information about boat winches using in Parasailing. Especially some technical specification or manual including schema and pictures. Could you help me in this issue or recommend me some webpages where can I find something like this.


Tom Nowak

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Methinks you've found the wrong kind of forum/website. This place is all about Snow-Skiing and Snow-Boarding. The only winches we might talk about around here are used to pull Groomers up steep slopes ... and those might be a bit big for your application. smile.gif

You'd probably probably get better results posting your questions in a website related to Water-Skiing.

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Well if you have some boat wenches, you should'nt have to do it manually.wink.gif

OH! Boat winches! 

Never mind.

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Since most sailors are also skiers, excellent cross-forum posting.  I've been sailing since I was 5-6 and currently have an O'Day Daysailer 1.


I'd look on the Harken or Schaefer websites for information about winches and winch specifications.  You could also check out the Annapolis Performance Sailing website or call them.  If you get a chance to go into their store in Annapolis - go.  It's very drool inducing.  It's across the creek from the Naval Academy.  West Marine might have some good information too but they also serve the smoke-belchers so not everyone there is going to know about winches.

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I have a parasail I pull behind my Nautique.  You're going to need a big ass winch to pull someone in on a windy day.  

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Or you could just try it behind a snowmobile.


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Take a look at West Marine's online catalog. They have a selection of of geared winches that are quite powerful.

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thanks for all replies :)

West Marine's online catalog - nice thing

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