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Mammoth lodging -- Mammoth Mountain Inn?

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I was quoted a fairly decent rate through the Mammoth reservation system for Mammoth Mountain Inn, which in ON the mountain.


But looking at tripadvisor.com showed a fair number of disappointed lodgers, though some of those were summer visitors which may have a different priority. Any body stayed there and can give a more skier-centric view?

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I stayed there ~ 6-7 years ago so bear that in mind


my recollection is that the room i had was decidedly adequate.  the location is pretty close though.

i was on the backside, so about 3-5 minutes from out the door to the chair


the lobby area was/is nicer than the part of the Inn where my room was.


Unless you are looking for "lux", i would take the proximity 

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I stayed there two seasons ago for a killer midweek two night deal plus lift tickets.  Like Doc, who posted above, the cheeper rate rooms are in a building behind the main lodge building.  But, my friend had broken his shoulder that day and was in a sling so the nice counter person upgraded us into the main building (for no additional charge).  Our room was nice and the lodge itself has decent ammentities.  Our room was a two story hotel room with two queen beds, one on the main floor and one in the loft.  This layout is nice for two dudes traveling together.  Just a regular hotel bathroom.


Like the previous poster noted, the location is prime.  Just walk across the driveway and you're on the snow.  No more than 10 yards from the front door.  Maybe 30 yards to the entrance of the gondola.  I give it a thumbs up for value and location.  Our room was clean and adequete for sure.  They do have indoor/outdoor hot tubs, free parking (some of it covered if I recall correctly), a place where you can tune skis, a game room with play stations and the like, plus a nice bar to hang out in at days end.  I would say the only negative is that you're up the road a ways from the main village where more of the shops, restaraunts and bars are.


If they were offering a deal, I would stay there again though.  For what that's worth. 

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The location is great. The lodge is fancy in the lobby and restaurant,

I was disappointed with the room I got; It was a bit run down.

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I stayed one night and moved on the next five nights. That was enough for good. 


I was told about Shilo Inns by more than a few people. It has an indoor pool, laundry, AAA discount and I like it's location to other things and covered parking. They know and admit they need to improve this now twenty year old motel/hotel. It's shortcomings don't bother me at all, they keep it clean enough for my standards.

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