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Looking for some good skis

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Hey forum, I am looking for some skis after renting (stupidly) for about 2 years. (I ski 5-6 times a year)
I am 5'8'' and 130 lbs. I would say my skill level is Intermediate-Advanced
I also don't want to break the bank so under $200 would be great. (used skis are perfectly fine)
I like to ski all over the mountain, park to powder, so all-mountain skis would be great

Thank you!
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Ullr's Chariot.

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It's tough to find god skis, or even good skis for that matter, under $200.  You would really need to do your research and know what is a good deal before you spent your money.  Otherwise you could end up with a dog ski.  


Search around here at Epic to see what people have recommended in the past and find what sounds good to you.  I'm afraid your price requirement really makes it difficult to give much advice.  Renting may be the best option for you right now.

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You can buy excellent skis that are a few years old but new and unused....the savings are dramatic.   Ebay is a good place to look as is www.levelninesports.com  More than once I have bought new skis that retailed for over $1k a year earlier and spent under $500.  Find what you can afford then look it up and see if its worth your money.

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Some skis I've recently either bought or sold for less than $200. This is a diverse list and some may not be good choices for you, but they are all good skis, research required:


Fischer RX8

Fischer Watea 94

Dynastar 8000

Dynastar Big Trouble

Volkl Gotama

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Blizzard Titan Zeus!

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Elan 666devil.gif

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I wonder what Bob Peters does with his old skis?

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Originally Posted by stevesmith7 View Post

Volkl Gotama


Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

Blizzard Titan Zeus!


Originally Posted by karpiel View Post

Ullr's Chariot.


Originally Posted by Posaune View Post Otherwise you could end up with a dog ski. 

Very nice!


For the OP, I would have no problem recommending these:



They are easy to ski and pretty good in an amazing variety of conditions.  Not sure what CS&G are selling them for but some digging should turn up a pair for <$200 especially if you're willing to buy used.


Here are a couple of pre-owned offerings from this very site!






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Forget skis, what you need first are properly fitting boots. Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis on terminology and fitting and check the list of fitters for one near you. If there isn't one listed ask and someone will be able to recommend a fitter. Boots are the most important investment you will make in skiing, right along with lessons.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

I wonder what Bob Peters does with his old skis?

He has no choice but to keep them, they are unusable by mere mortals...

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It would be helpful to know what kind of skiing you like to do.  The Dynastar Legend 8000 is a great all mountain ski that offers a good blend of on/off piste performance.  I have also seen the Salomon X-Wing Fury on e-bay for not much more than $300 with demo bindings.  If you are skiing mostly groomers, You might want something a bit narrower.  The Fischer RX8 is a good choice for a carving ski if you can find them cheap.  The railflex binding system would mean they wouldn't have to be redrilled.


Agree, though, that your better off focusing on boots first.



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