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stiffness of boot

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Hello to u all, I have a pir of Dragon Ultrafit 100 ski boots that I purchased approx a month ago. I recently was up in Whistler/Blackcomb for 5 days lapping groomers/trees. The first 3 days I ski'd with these new boots,they felt really good/stable.On days 4 & 5,(my right boot only),really started pinching just above my instep/lower shin area. I then ski'd a couple Tahoe resorts lapping groomers,and sking powder in trees.The end result.....pain,although not until early-mid afternoon.I've had the canting and flex adjusted before I used them In Whistler/Blackcomb. Just before I ski'd Tahoe a couple of days ago,I took the boots to another reputable ski shop,the guy insisted that the boots are a half a size too big for me.I'm a 29.5.He did suggest that I buy some better insoles though so that my heel would be more stable in the boot,so I bought the Sidas Technology/Sport Specific insoles,rather pricey, but worth it. My feet/heel definatly felt more stable in the boots.The boots feel nice and stable other than the pinching on my right instep/lower shin area.Does anyone out there have any good advise for me.Thx.  Much appreciated.   Chris A

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try a small heel lift and see if it is better, or worse


pull up on the tongue of the boot, just before buckling the upper cuff down


what is the shell fit like?

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Hi mtlion, Thx for ur reply.I will try pulling  up on the tounge of the boot before buckling the upper cuff of the boot. Which one should I buckle 1st?The buckle closest to my instep?or the top buckle?Lemme know.Thx.  Chris  A


The shell fits snug ,but mot too snug.My big toe does'nt touch the tip of the boot shell. 

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your boots are too big I bet....   Remove the liner, touch your toes to the front of the shell, how much room is behind your heel?


buckle the 2nd from the top buckle first, to get your heel back.


this might help, for more info, or at least you can answer the questions for us.  More info will help us to help you more




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Hello,Thx for the suggestion.I will try & get back to u.  Chris

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