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Thank you, thank you very much.

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I had a moment yesterday while demoing some Geishas.  I owe that moment to three things: my own work and mule-headedness, the Geishas, and tips, tricks and techniques I've read about here and on theskidiva.  So I thought I'd say thanks.

So I demoed the Rossi S86, which was a disaster; the opposite of what I need to get my skills on.  Then I got on the Geisha, and down we went.

The moment came when I finally took the popular advice to 'push the bush' in order to get myself out of the dreaded back seat.  I was surprised by what that felt like, and even more surprised when I pulled a couple of 360s in a row (falling, of course, after each one).  Apparently--this will be no surprise to anyone, I'm sure--I've developed lots of tricks to compensate for being such a back seat driver, and as soon as I changed my CM around I was completely over-turning the skis--at least that's what it felt like. Obedient as any geisha could be, the skis fully complied with my instruction to spin like tops.  :rolleyes

Once it occurred to me that I was doing too much, I worked on dialing things back, dropping whatever moves I could, until I got down to my feet, which led me to play with where my turn started, which led to sensing what the transition felt like, which led to focusing my attention on the edge of my new outside ski--this edge, now this edge, now this edge.  Nothing else to do but that.  

Everything got weirdly quiet.  Then I realized it had been a while since I'd thought about my inside ski, looked down, and it was skiing completely parallel to my outside ski, docile as a little lamb. I just about fell down from confirming this surprising turn of events, so I decided to just forget about it.  I rarely do that one-run-too-many but I did yesterday because I just wanted a few more turns, please.

Now I don't know what kind of turn I was doing, what it looked like, what else I was still doing wrong or right, or whether it was really as smooth and curvy a line as it felt, but frankly that doesn't matter.  I'll get some unsuspecting instructor to tell me all about that.  

And I thought I was an addict before.  Now I'm toast.  A toasty addict.  ;)

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Well done! Now you too can spread the love...

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I'll do my damnedest.  There's no telling what's next.

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