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Rossi S7 vs Salomon Rocker2

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Has anyone skied the, yet to be released to the masses,  Rocker2.  I want a pair of really good powder ski's but also something that does well in crud and groomers.  Have settled on either Rossi S7's or the upcoming Rocker2's.  Can't decide whether to go with something tried and true like the S7 which I can get now, or believe the hype about the Rocker2's and hold out for them this fall.  I currently have Rossi SC80's for an all mountain ski, but want something that can go well in deep Pow but still be a good ski on the groomers.


Any suggestions are welcomed.

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I swear I just posted in this thread?  Is it ground hog day?




I did a bunch of ski test runs at a retailers demo day a couple of weeks ago.  Day 2 was powder skis for me & the Rocker 2's were on my list.  This was the only full rocker that I reviewed & at 122 mm waist was also the widest, IIRC.  I also skied the new Super 7 & own the current S7.  Reviews will be at onthesnow.com in the Fall or late summer.


For a full rocker powder ski I thought the R2 was much more manageable than I would have expected.  Best in the true powder than in the denser windblown stuff.  If you are going for a deep powder only ski, then this one would be pretty good.  If you are going for versatility in a wide range of conditions and terrain, then the S7 may be the better choice.  Another ski in the category that sticks out in my mind from that day was the Goode Rahu.  Silky smooth & super light.




I also own the 80ti, (similar to the SC80's) the S7 is a completely different ski.



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     I skied the Rocker2 on Saturday at Killington.  Conditions were:  pretty cut up snow (14" on Friday and another 2" or so throughout Saturday; some fresh in woods (if I had gone in there).  Cut up: sure; aweome: definitely!


     I've never tried the S7, so I can't compare them, but here's what I thought of the Rocker2. 


Me: 240 w/ gear; Level: made it down Outer Limits w/o too many problems.smile.gif

Initial impression:  This ski is FAT. 


I demo'd the 184 from Basin Sports (they seemed like alright dudes; to be fair, on Friday I demo'd a Volkl Bridge from Northern Ski and they were cool too).  The Bridge was a narrow SL in comparison...I know it says 122, but the 142 in front makes it look HUGE.


Back to the program: The widest ski I had ever been on was the P-100 and this was substantially wider; I was even a little nervous at first.  Did I mention they were WIDE?  They didn't fit in the ski holders on the bus; they didn't fit in the gondola holders (I used two snowboard slots).


Skiing:  Killington skied awesome; despite my limited knowlege of the area, I would say that Killington doesn't ski much better than it did on Sat/Sun.  The best runs were black diamond (especially Northstar); runs like Double Dipper and Cascade got scraped off pretty quickly and left dirt, rocks, and ice despite the new snow (although Outer Limits was perfect/Devil's Fiddle was closed).


Rocker2:  Performed admirably:  after a few runs to get used to it, I took it everywhere (except the woods).  The bumps were perfect and the Salomon did well.  Groomers: no problem at higher speed (I even got them carving); when I went over some scraped off icy spots, they held OK.  If I had gone in the trees, I could tell you that they surfed around and were fun...but I didn't.


Verdict:  I had a lot of fun.  Partially b/c of the conditions and partially b/c the Rocker2 is a fine ski.  HOWEVER, I don't think the Rocker2 has much business being out on the east coast; sure a bunch of people are going to tell me that I'm wrong, but that was my impression.  If I lived where you regularly get 2-3' dumps (or 14' in a week period), I might be saying, "Go get yerself a pair of these; they're pretty awesome!" ...but,


The Volkl Bridge (179) was where it was at.  In the 14" of fresh snow it ripped.  In the woods (where, again, I didn't go) it would have ripped even over a 5' frozen waterfall that I did not go over).  In the bumps it ripped...on scraped off ice, it did well.


Final say:  You said you wanted a good powder ski.  I guess I would ask how much powder.  I think the Rocker2 is a fine ski and had fun on it; it performed well in everything I threw at it...but, I think there's better options when the snow isn't as deep...the Volkl Bridge was much better (to me).  If there was 3' of fresh, I might have felt differently. 





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