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Helmet sizing?

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Hi there,

I never wore a helmet.  I was going to get this one:


I don't know if it's any good, but I know it's a non-hardshell, and adjustable.  The problem I have is that all the helmets are sold out in my town, and looking online it says Medium (55.5-59) Large (59-62.5).  I measured my head circumference just above the eye brows at the widest point and it looks like I'm exactly 59.  I was wondering if I should go with Med or Large.  I remember a few months ago I tried on similar helmet and had the same problem, the medium fit, snug and the adjustment was maxed out (slight pressure on the head...ever so slight), while Large was more roomy, but it looked huge on my head and was a bit bulky.


Any advice?  I know it's a tough call, and i'm not experienced, so was wondering what you guys would say.



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Order both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit.



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Something that measuring won't account for is head shape.  I just bought a new helmet online myself and had to go through a couple iterations to get the correct fit.  The G10 you are looking at is a fine lid, and it's one of the ones I tried, but it's not oval enough for my head - so while I was well within the numeric range for a large, I still had too much pressure on the forehead and back of head.  I then ordered a Smith variant in XL and while it's probably a touch big, between better shape and larger size, it fits my head way better than the G10.

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