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Sugarloaf or Saddleback?

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Looking for any comments about these areas. I'm just down the hill from The Loaf, here 3 days, would like to ski both. I've checked out trail maps & all that.


Supposed to be windy here Tuesday.


Is Sugarloaf or Saddleback better when it's windy, or are both about the same?


They have a foot of new show. I'm psyched!

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all comments welcome!

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They both can be windy mountains especially up high. I like both places but Sugarloaf is larger & has more variety. That being said I think if it was a very windy day & you were limited to the lower sections of the mountain Saddleback would offer the best variety of terrain. Being they're not that far apart & you're already there I would ski both so you could form your own opinions..

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Last time I was up that way we skied Sugarloaf on a windy day and the entire top  was not accessable due to closed lifts.  Saddleback the previous day was completely open, though you had to take a t-bar for the upper mountain.  I know they have put a lift in for the top but don't know if they kept the t-bar.

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Monday the gusts were over 50 MPH, Sugarloaf had the chair at the base lodge running and a snowcat to the bottom of Spillway - they closed the whole mountain about noon due to high winds. Today they had most lifts running except King Pine, but the T-bar was running. SuperQuad was very windy and air temp was 22.

Snow was nice

Tomorrow the whole hill might be open...

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On Wednesday King Pine chair was op[en. It was sunny, hazy, cloudy, windy, calm, gale force winds, snow squall with near white-out conditions, drifting snow, blowing snow. They closed SuperQuad about 3:15 & I had enough. Great mountain with nice trails. I hope I can get there again when the weather is better and the snowfields are open. Nice terrain parks there & the superpipe near the base lodge is a lot of fun. There was about 16" new snow in the days before I got there.

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