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what size skis to get?

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I am 6 feet tall and around 170 pounds(give or take), I really want the k2 silencers(2011) but i am stuck between the 169s and the 179s.

I am buying these for next year and they will be my first skis.

I can ski almost the whole mountain including black diamonds, havent tried any double blacks yet.

I have only ever skied at seven springs which is usually icy and artificial snow.

I am also still and highschool and probably not done growing. I have only ever rented and the highest I have gone up to is 170cm and they were fine to control.

I am looking to get into park a little bit and have read up on twin tip skis. 

Are there any other skis that would work well for me for a low price?

So what do you think would be the best size ski for me?  a

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Demo them, both sizes, and decide what you like.

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