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After skiing Jay Peak, went to Tremblant for 3 days. Wow, did the skiing change!


Tremblant was covered in a nasty sheet of ice and groomed flat. The few runs that were not groomed had thin cover and had bumps with the backends of these bumps on steeper trails (Dynamite, Cosack) having blue ice occasionally. So really, with the exception of very few runs, the majority of the three days were spent on cruising down groomers from 9-11 and then sliding down groomers afterwards. Anything over 20 degrees could not hold snow at all.


It didn't help either that my edges were completely dull due to me not tuning the skis since the start of the season, which is about 30 ski days. I figured I wouldn't need them at Jay so it would be a waste. True - it wouldn't have done much or anything at Jay, but hell did I need it at Tremblant. On the third day (demo day), the demo skis had great, new edges; it totally made a difference. I was cruising around on the trails, icy or not. Helped a ton that the sun popped out for the first time during my stay that last day and softened all the trails up... to an extent. Still very icy however.


Other opinions of the place were that the tree trails didn't look to much like tree trails. Compared to Jay, they were widened in only a specific area in which that area is wide as an average trail and then the trees were spaced a huge amount. Not really tree skiing IMO. Mountain ratings were pretty odd. Some double blacks as easy as blacks (ex. Flying Mile), some blacks were as easy as blues (ex. La Traverse), some blues as easy as greens (Beauchemin). Could definitely get an adventurer a little over their head here by doing the same trail ratings and finding some inconsisitency. My favorite trails were probably Flying Mile, Beauvallon, and Expo (as a first run only - the whole thing is blue ice with some high fall consequences after midday). Lastly, I liked how the ski area was set up. It was very easy to find my way around and to get from A to B.


So overall, the skiing was decent. Probably would be a lot better if the snow was better, but they got rain last week which hurt a lot. Perhaps they would groom less if there was snow, I don't know. I just know I had a solid time.


Not done yet... Saturday the 26th was demo day. I tested 3 salomon skis:


Salomon 24 Daytona's: Great ski for going fast on. Sturdy at the high speeds, makes really nice wide turns, and easy to get going fast on. Loved it.

Salomon Lord: First twin tip I've been on and didn't really like it. It was hard to catch a grip on the ice and the manuervability was difficult. After one run, I had to get off them.

Salomon BBR: Ahhhhh I got to try out these new skis. Loved these. Made skiing feel easy. Could do short and big turns. Meant for a wide stance because of the big tips. I would think it'd be great in powder with the design. I would not want to be on these in bumps though, due to the big tip and the unevenness of it all.




Expo, a steep long about 30 degree pitched groomer



Expo (left) and Dynamite (right). Dynamite's a really steep bump trail, the steepest on the mountain. The bottom part exceeds 40 degrees, but was not open for thrills.



The bumped up and steep Cosack double diamond run. Covered in ice.




The double diamond Flying High run



The southside upper mountain area and summit



Big jumps in the park. Park guy wouldn't let me in, claming I needed a park pass and 15$ to get in - I decided to pass.





Me skiing on St Bernard with the BBRs

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