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MX88 after 25 days

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Bio: 55 yrs old, 5'9 190 lbs according to my buddy who is an instructor I am a Level 8, probably ski more "old school" then the "new technique" I guess. MX88 in a 178

Since I ski Mt bachelor a ski has to be able to ski varied conditions, especially powder and skied out powder. My favorite skiing is powder, reasonable crud and trees. Groomer days are fine but moderate speed is good with me, love to bump some assuming snow is on softer side, back can only take so much.

I find the MX88 a really fun all around ski, probably just about right for my ability. If there is one area it excels IMO it is anywhere from 3-4 inches to a foot of crud or cut-up powder, especially good in the still good but somewhat skied out stuff. It just plows thru this and after the past few weeks of dumpage we've had I can say this ski excels in these conditions. Some seem to say it's not that great in powder (I prefer going down into the snow not just surfin the top), well for a guy whose coming from the old Salomon X-mountains I think these skis are great in anywhere up to at least a foot. Bachelor is not that steep and often the top is not open on powder days (where most of the steeper stuff is), so yeah when there is a couple feet there are few skis I would guess besides the super wides that do well. For my purposes these skis rock, also I like them in the trees as well, I find they turn plenty quick.

Here's my ratings on a 1-10 scale:

Powder: 8
Crud: 9
Bumps (soft) 7.5
Groomers: 8.0
Ice: 8.0
Trees: 8.0

All around out west single quiver ski: 8.0-8.5

Note that I have not skied hardly any of the newer skis so this rating comes from my perceptions of how they ski "for me" compared to the more older tech skis.

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Useful info, thanks. These have a pretty big happy place for weight; I'm 25 lbs lighter and also like the 178, I know people from 130 to your size who like the 168. 

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