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binding position liberty double helix

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i would like to have some good advice for the binding position on my new liberty double helix ski(190cm) with marker duke binding..

i bought the skies "un mounted" 

on the ski is a choice of 7 cm  ,you have the choice from"standard" until "dead core" and 2,5 cm before the dead core is libertys cab forward(what is recommended for riding switch and jibbing and stuff ,i read on the internet)

my rider profile is : powder , back country and sometimes on-piste to go off-piste!

i`m not realy a park skier but the ski must be a little bit "playfull"

i m 88 kg(194pound) and 1,78m(5,8feet)

thank you sicco

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+2 from the back line.

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did you meant from the standard position ??(you say on mark 500 on the ski)

standard = 700      

cab forward= 250              >>>   (  so total = 700)

dead core= 0


thank you for quick response


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You might get a variety of responses on this. Based on your terrain preferences, I wouldn't even think about going ahead of the "standard" mark on them. I am mounted on the standard line, and am seriously considering going back a bit on them, even though  I know Liberty strongly recommends not to do this. I just seem to feel a long ways forward on them even at the standard line. Perhaps it's partly mental for me too though, as they look so forward; but when I compare where I am on them compared to my other skis, it falls into line when looking at the effective edge length,  but not based on how it "looks".


Something to keep in mind, my pair came  railed, and getting a proper tune made a huge difference on how they skied. If you mount them and don't like the feel of the ski, check the tune before you start messing with the mounting point.

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after reading sites on internet and listening to opinions on this and other forums i've decided to put the bindings on 450..

this is + 2,5 cm from the standard line ,i think (and hope) this is the best position for me..

i,ve tested some other double helix skies a few weeks ago and yesterday i heard that these skies also were mounted on 450 and that seem to be a good mounting because after a few minutes testing i had a smile from ear to ear !!this test was the reason i choose the libertys!!

thank you for response!!


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