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Lot's of reviews on these but I'll add another.  5'10" 150 lbs 15+ days/year generally 10 East, 5 West level 8/9 I guess.  Like to ski just about everything.  Have 10 days on these; 5 at Jackson Hole with a couple of powder days and 5 in the Catskills with some fresh snow and much less boilerplate than most years.


I find these skis to be more of a neutral platform than having any defining characteristic.  I really like the flex pattern in the bumps though I find them a little wide for bumps - at least for my taste.  On the other hand, they're stiff enough to rip some nice rr tracks at high speeds on the groomers.  Their hold on "ice" is unbelievable for a ski of this width.  On the other-other hand, they can scarve and slip great turns in the trees and/or steeps.  The 16m sidecut can easily be steered to short turns but still provides enough stability - to a point - when getting aggressive off piste (I was used to Metron M11s so take this with a grain of salt).  Not what I'd choose to show off on TGR forum videos but good for most sane mortals.  Really like them despite some initial issues getting used to the width.


As for the one quiver thing, these can come close but nothing really works at the extremes.  The 85mm width and 172 length are perfect in the East.  When I was in Jackson, I found myself wishing for a little more of both.  When the East turns back to boilerplate, I'm happy I still have my Fischer WC SCs (softer SL).