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f/f guy I'm with you there. internet clear out stores are the worst thing t happen to skis since chain stores.
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Data points:

The shop I frequent most often charges a flat $30 to mount any bindings, and $10 to adjust and test bindings that are already mounted. That's if you walk in with the equipment.

I'm a bit surprised that any shop would charge you for mounting if you buy the stuff from them. On the other hand, it seems pretty reasonable for them to charge a reasonable amount if you come walking in with skis and bindings you *didn't* buy from them.

Atomic bindings are ridiculously easy to mount on Atomic plates. I wouldn't pay anybody anything to do it for me. In fact, it's not worth the trouble to drive to the ski shop, even if it were free. The only obstacle is you need a Pozidrive screwdriver.
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Ski Chalet charges $28 if you bought through them, $56 if not. Normally they sell the ski, bindings, servicing, etc. all in one package price. Lot's of things were put on sale early this season because it was so slow...
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In response to those who say they are chargin $60 to recapture the lost revenue from internet sales, 0 * $60 = 0$. Seriously, most of the people who buy skis on the internet know something about skiing would know that $60 to install those 2 minute Atomic Bindings is ridiculous.

Ski Chalet, besides having a lot of employees with questionable/ limited knowledge, is overpriced on everything they sell, so this $60 charge is no surprise.
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Careful with those bindings

My wife loved her C:918s until she destroyed her knee because they didn't release. Her DIN was 3.0, it was a first run on Utah groomed snow, and she hooked a ski at slow speed. I have always used Marker and they definitely release, even in a backward or side fall. After reading the literature on these bindings, they do not have the full release as most other bindings, including other Atomics. Has anyone else had problems with Atomic bindings not releasing? I know I have seen similar complaints on other sites.
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Here's a story about frequenting small shops: I bought some new boots back in February. THey were on sale a little bit, and the salesman knocked off another $50. I brought my skis in for the bindings to be adjusted to the new boots, and the tech (and boot salesman) noticed that I had a broken binding (not exactly the binding, but the little window so that you couldn't tell what the DIN was) and he couldn't work on them.

So, I brought in my husband's old skis so he could use those bindings. He remounted the bindings and threw in a tune -- for free.

In turn, I was feeling grateful, so I bought my daughter a ski jacket for next year and a lacrosse stick. He's got a customer, and I have a nice friendly place to shop.
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FWIW that little binding window is easily replaced in most companies bindings so a call to the supplier should solve that problem.
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Originally Posted by Ugli Pupferknick
Mounting skis is a highly technical task requiring great skill and years of training. The top people command a high salary for their skills. You should have paid the $60. If you don't pay top dollar for something, how can you be sure the best job was done?
Paying top dollar doesn't mean anything, it just means you paid too much!
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coach 13...i was going to reply to that numb post but then i saw the location of origin. that speaks volumes.
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