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Greek Peak (Upstate NY) - closing off anything that isn't an "official" trail

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So, this is my home "mountain".  It's not a bad little place, and the season passes are priced reasonably. The lifts are old and slow as hell - in fact someone told me they have the oldest operating lift in NY. They have big aspirations to become somewhat of a destination resort - they put in an indoor water park / hotel last year, they plan to build an alpine roller coaster thingy, some new buildings (I guess a bar/restaurant), and some other non-ski things. They also plan to put in a fixed quad this summer - the only decent change from a skier point of view.  They one thing they do really well is make snow.


Anyway - for some reason they've recently started closing a bunch of little areas - taping/roping them off, putting up "Ski Area Boundary" signs, etc. The majority of these areas are just silly little jaunts through some trees - very low angle stuff, usually adjacent to green or blue runs - that just serve up some fun for the kids, mine included. Not one of them could possibly lead anyone into anyplace dangerous -- they all just pop back out onto the trails after 100 yards or less.  It just doesn't seem to make any sense, as there's really zero danger there -- it just seems like a control thing.



So, is it usually the ski patrol who makes decisions like this, or is the the mountain management?  I'd like to chat with someone about it, just to understand what's up.  Ski patrol at our little hill is all volunteer, and I don't wnat to give them a hard time -- they do seem excessively over-controlling in some ways, but I guess that's part of their job description.


It just seems odd and annoying that they're closing stuff off - when they could imrpove the mountain by doing just the opposite. They'd have some very nice easy to moderate glades just by clearing all the dead brush out from along several trails.  


Their focus is clearly on off mountain experiences, ways to get more $ per visit -- mostly from non-locals.  They haven't put much money into the skiing/mountain, but until now they  haven't f'd with it by taking much away either.  I hope it's not the beginning of more changes like this.

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Three thoughts:


It's folks popping out of the woods without looking up the slope they're entering that leads to many collisions.


Perhaps someone ran into a tree recently and was injured, leading the company to follow its insurance agency's suggestion to close off trees.


Treed areas beside easy slopes encourage the less skilled to enter the woods.

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Kneale - I agree with your thoughts, and had thought the same.  Problem is, they don't enforce it one bit -- kids now duck the ropes. I do'nt let mine do it -- I'd rather see if we can have a discussion with ski patrol or mgmt and see if there can't be some compromise, or if maybe those areas can be opened in a safer way (assuming there's been a problem)

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I used to love skiing at Greek Peak.  We would take my kayaking buddies RV and camp in the parking lot.  It was affordable for a teenager like me.  The first place I skied in trees was on Ronnies Run.  It wasn't on the trail map and there was a tiny old wooden sign once you were into the entrance.  I think that if I skied it now it would seem different, but it was a big deal for me in 1979.  I hope that Ronnies is still open. I have lot's of fond memories of Greek Peak and hope that they don't find a way to ruin it.

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